M-Pak proudly partners with Pelican™, SKB, Gemstar, Flambeau® and Zarges.

If you need to package it – M-Pak can fit it. We offer total packaging solutions for everything from aerospace helmets to calibrated equipment. Our list of solutions include:

  • Mobile device cases
  • Single lid cases
  • Rack mount cases
  • Composite cases
  • Medical cases

  • Music cases
  • Photo and video cases
  • Tool cases
  • Industrial and sports cases

If we don’t have the perfect case for you – we’ll make it to your exact specifications. Our experienced engineers will work directly with you to design a custom protective case that fits like a glove. To ensure a precise solution, our engineers work with an array of tools and design options, including:

  • Foam
  • Panel and flange mountings
  • Hinged doors, brackets, trays, straps and literature pockets
  • Mounting holes and threaded inserts

  • Shock-mounted deck cases
  • Routing, name plates and custom colors
  • Labels, graphics, logos, etching and engraving
  • Removable lids

M-Pak is also experienced in the sourcing, kitting and integration of products. And for our government buyers, we provide first article inspection in compliance with ISO 9001 guidelines. Our M-Pak custom cases undergo a battery of tests, including pressure, water, air and fragility testing. From prototype to production to transport-ready, our cases are engineered to safeguard your most valuable assets.


to protect what matters most